15 May, 2006

World Record Vomiting

Everything old is new again.
Matthew (the well dressed librarian) is posting about ties again, so perhaps it is time for me to post about my personal attempts to make vomiting an olympic sport.
Yes, I've been at it again. This time it was on a four wheel driving trip. We were five hours from nowhere and I decided to see if I could make the trip take longer by getting out of the car every fifteen minutes and projecting my lunch into the bush. Oh, should I mention two car loads of friends watching?
And not one of them helped me to die quietly, no matter how often I screamed "kill me, kill me arghhhhhhhhhh, kill me"

And the moral to this tale?
Well Dressed is classier than ADHD


WDL said...

i tend to repeat myself.

i'm grandmotherly like that.

maybe we can collaborate on a vomit on ties story...


Anonymous said...

I was thirsty when vomiting so I kept going back for water and ended up vomiting 15 times.