29 May, 2006

I'm a celebrity

Yes, I've been whoring myself out to the local media outlets again.
I had a couple of radio gigs last week and a kids TV show I filmed earlier went to air. I'm on the radio again tomorrow morning. This time around however, I'm a little less hopeful that someone is going to see my star potential and whisk me away for a life of luxury.
That said, I am being recognised. Sure some of that is the usual stuff, whereby friends and workmates say "heard you on the radio yesterday". However, someone I didn't know before saw me on the box and said hi, it was like this....

A game of rugby has just finished, the players (tough rugged men) are shaking hands with their opponents and saying such things as "good game Wukka" "nice tackling Donk" and so on. My moment of macho zen is broken when one players says "were you on (name of kids TV show) last week?"
"I thought it was you, I recognised your voice"
Suddenly I don't feel so tough, I'm a librarian playing at being masculine and I've been found out. That is until I realise that this guy was at home at 10am watching kids TV.

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