12 May, 2006

The Mad Librarian

The fact that I am a librarian is the source of much amusement amongst rugby players in town, all of whom have macho jobs like plumber, electrician, builder, unemployed or prison guard. I have therefore been dubbed "the mad librarian". This was highlighted last Saturday when I made a fantastic tackle on a MUCH larger opponent. It was textbook stuff, my shoulder into his guts - driving forward and sitting him on his arse. It was so good that he couldn't hold on to the ball. I stood, proud, strong, a rugby player!
Then, from the stands I heard a voice "hit him again, his books are overdue". So it seems I'm still the mad librarian.
As a postscript, I didn't do anything else interesting that game and we lost by a large margin. I still have this reoccurring fantasy that I can play the game.

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Em said...

Isn't it funny how people expect librarians to be quiet and mature? I'm a teacher and people think it's weird when I insist on running and twirling in rain storms until I'm soaked through and seem shocked when I trade in my school marm hairdo for bright colored hair streaks for weekend parties...