12 May, 2006

listen to this man, he has the smartness

So, now thay you know I will be talking at the ALIA new grad symposium, you are probably wondering how I convinced anyone to give me a chance in front of impressionable new librarians. Well, here for your reading pleasure is my 'about the author' I'll put up the abstract later.
During 2005, John, a librarian with two years post-graduate experience found himself in the Manager's office. While this had not been unusual during his ten years as an Assistant Library Technician, on this occasion he was not being pulled into line, but was 'Acting in Higher Duties'.
For six months this Library was made glorious summer by this son of ALIA (not the trucking company). During this time John discovered that his experiences at the bottom of the pecking order had prepared him wonderfully for many aspects of library management, but that there were some things for which he was woefully unprepared.
Having now returned to his own duties, John has enrolled in a Master of Business program in order to prepare himself for his inevitable rise to power in the cut and thrust world of Libraries.
In the meanwhile he has taken time out from his latest assignment to distil the wisdom learned during his time in the big leather chair of management and to present it as...
Skin of Your Teeth Library Management:
How to Survive Falling Up the Career Ladder

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