15 May, 2006

old bio info

John has worked in a State Library, a University Library and several Public Libraries.
He is currently working in the Australian 'outback' having decided this was a great way to fast track a career that had been (up till that point) decidedly slow tracked. And having spent more time acting in higher duties than in his own job, this has proven to be correct.
Despite living in the outback John does not say crikey or poke venomous reptiles with sticks. Although he has been bitten lizards and redback spiders.
John is constantly playing with the net, new technology, dismantling and re assembling the shelving, doing things he shouldn't be and not doing things he should. He is, in short, the sort of librarian who drives his manager to distraction.
His disastrous attempts to do things new ways are matched only by his spectacular successes in convincing people it was worth a try and that he has learned from his mistakes. He is likely to come to work on a Monday morning with broken bones, stitches, a limp or boot prints on his face due to an unfortunate Rugby habit.
His tendency to talk about himself in the third person is problematic in real life but quite useful when writing brief biographical information for a blog.

even older bio info:
it is my attempt to get laughs and make sense of why in God's name a kid with ADHD who almost forgot to attend high school would consider taking the nine years needed to complete four years of university and then run screaming around a public library.

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