16 May, 2006

M is for Malpractice

Don't ever go to the hospital in my town. Now I realise that I'm not giving you much to go on as I don't mention where I come from. So just to be safe, stay away from all Australian Hospitals.
Why should I, a librarian, be steering you away from the medical care of the Australian medical system and what are my qualifications that you should heed my warning? I have just watched one of the local doctors photocopy the best part of four volumes of the Encyclopaedia of Family Health. Now, I'm a Children's Librarian, so I have recommended this particular tome on many occasions. I do however feel that it is probably not an adequate substitute for Actual Medical Training.
Before any medicos tell me I am doing their profession a disservice, let me be clear that I don't know the difference between a registrar and an emeritus professor of surgical cuttinguppiness, so this doctor may well be one of the most junior in their profession. Given the frequency with which I attend the local hospital to have myself stitched or plastered, it is still fear worthy.

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